So here it is! My very first blog post. Taking this simple step has felt to me like that moment when you’re trying to jump from a height, into a pool, or the sea, and you want to lift your feet, springing away from the ground to begin your descent… but your legs just won’t let you.

Speaking of descent – this blog is going to document my journey through my PhD. Think 4 years of posts about academia, archaeology, The Netherlands, Japan, other travel opportunities, writing and, realistically, my slow descent into madness (I’ve been assured of this. If it doesn’t happen I’ll be one of the lucky ones). But more than that I want the posts here to be testament to where life can take you when you do what you love, when you’re passionate about it, and when you are lucky enough to meet, know and share your work with wonderfully supportive and encouraging people. I hope the blog can eventually become a source of support and encouragement for other people who want to embark on a career in archaeology, or academia more generally.

So, starting this blog was my 2015 New Year’s resolution (recycled from the year before) and as you can see it’s only the middle of April! Not bad (for me)! And so to celebrate this perfect display of my procrastinatory (this needs to be a word) skills my next blog post will be about the first few months of my PhD, moving to Groningen and how and why I am not going to let myself procrastinate through my PhD.

But part of me thinks this blogging thing will simply be another means of procrastination. We’ll see.

Tot volgende keer! (Until next time)